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An expert in relationships and men’s mental health, Dr. Taraban has helped thousands of people get what they want in life. His podcast, PsycHacks, has over forty million views on YouTube, and has established him as a thought leader in popular psychology. He is a licensed psychologist, and currently lives in Napa, California.

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Interested in working with Dr. Taraban? A consultation is an opportunity to receive individualized feedback on a topic of your choosing. The intention is to provide you with practical, actionable advice that can move you in the direction of your goals.

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Would you like Dr. Taraban to appear on your podcast? Orion regularly appears on media platforms around the world, and travels for paid speaking engagements. Other opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Want to stay informed? PsycHacks provides viewers with brief, thought-provoking episodes on a variety of psychological topics, inspired by Dr. Taraban’s clinical practice. The intention is to inspire listeners to see something about themselves or their world in a slightly different light.

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Want to support Dr. Taraban’s mission? The overarching goal of Orion’s work is to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in the world. Your donation would help make that possible by subsidizing the operation of that mission.

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Interested in going to grad school? Created by Dr. Taraban, Stellar is the world’s only empirically-validated GRE test prep system. Learn the same strategies and techniques that helped Orion earn his perfect score, and hit your target score as quickly as possible.

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